Walkabout acts

With a host of different circus disciplines to choose from, our walkabout and Interactive performances are very visual and great for creating a big impact as they roam around events, with lots of opportunity for crowd interaction.

Busker style street acts are available to add to your event programme.

Walkabout characters can travel around your event and interact with your guests.


Various juggling skills including clubs, balls and contact juggling performed various adaptable costumes. 

Tech Requirements: good light conditions, at least 2.5m ceiling height


An artist on a unicycle roaming about an event. This is a very classic circus skill and can be further enhanced by assorted outfits.

Tech Requirements: Even non-slippery flooring.


Set up at a bubble making station, a bubble artist will create big and small bubbles and entertain the passing public. This can be performed as an interactive activity (letting people try it out) or as a visual non-interactive performance. 

Tech Requirements: Non-slippery surface or cordoned off from the public – slip-hazard can occurs when soap is on the floor. A water supply nearby is very useful. Bubble acts do not work in heavy rain or wind.

Lollipop Hoop

The lollipop offers a visually stunning raised performance without the additional expense of a free-standing rig. It stands at around 3m tall. A free-standing hoop based on the ground, it can be installed by the performer (this takes approx 1hr) and an aerial style performance including beautiful contortion takes place on the hoop. 

Tech Requirements: Space for a weighted hoop and safety parameter. 

Our talented performers

Stilt Walking

Performers on stilts in various adaptable costumes, from fun and colourful, circus themed to scary Halloween outfits.

Tech Requirements: Relatively even surface, non slippery terrain required. Not possible in heavy rain, wind or ice. A secure private changing space will need to be provided. 

Hula Hoops

Hula Hoop skills performed in various adaptable costumes. This is a fantastic Walkabout option for many events as it has very minimal tech requirements. 

Acrobats Solo or Partner Acrobatics

Performed in various adaptable costumes.

Tech Requirements: Even, non-slippery flooring.

Yet again, thank you so much for your team doing a FANTASTIC job at our festival. Everyone without doubt LOVED it.


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Clown/Comedy Character

Greatest Showman

Tennis Jugglers

Chef jugglers

Mermaid Bubble Maker

Winter Fairy

Christmas Elf

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