Our versatile team of circus performers and entertainers bring excitement and atmosphere to any event.

We have many different formats and styles of performance to choose from.  And they are the captivating centre-pieces of all kinds of events, including


Company events



Winter celebrations (such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and St Andrews Day)




Visually spectacular and daring, fire performance brings a real wow factor to any event.  Fire performance will have a lasting impact on your guests and makes for the perfect headline act.

Technical Requirements

Fire Shows must take place outdoors. You will need a designated area which can be cordoned off from the public with fire-safe flooring. The performance will need to be at least 3m away from spectators (we can provide fire barriers). 


Programmed to change colour and pattern according to music, our LED fans and hula hoops will steal any show and leave audiences mesmerised! With high-definition imagery, LED props can even be enjoyed during the day. Suitable for events where fire performance might not be appropriate. Programmable props – yes, we can display your logo!


We offer a cabaret takeover, a stage-based Circus Show for an assembled audience which can range from 15 – 90 minutes of assorted acts. Hosted by a fabulous and sparkly compere, this is a family-friendly cabaret of wonderment.

From an exciting array of cabaret performances, here are some of our most popular acts you can choose from.

Club jugglers

No circus cabaret would be complete without juggling, and our club acts are clean, stylish and impressive routines. Also available in LED. Blending dance, vintage circus and contemporary movement styles.

Ball juggling

We have both crisp, contemporary ball juggling routines and clown inspired slapstick for you to enjoy! Both display high skill levels to amaze all of the family.

Contact Ball Juggling

Captivating and crystalline, contact ball is a hypnotising art made famous by David Bowie in the film Labyrinth. A real touch of magic for any event.

Hula Hoops

Award-winning multi-hula hoop acts finishing with five hoop finale. Hula hoop is by far one of the most energetic and fun shows we have on offer.

Tech Requirements: For hula hoop acts we will need an ideal ceiling height of 4 metres and an ideal floor space of 4 x 4 metres.

Acrobats Solo or Partner Acrobatics

Performed in various adaptable costumes.

Tech Requirements: even, non-slippery flooring.

Contortion performance/cabaret

All the twists and body spirals with this act. Our performer will get seriously bendy and get the croud going wild with their impressively liquid movements.

Lollipop Hoop

Visually stunning aerial displays without the expense of a rig. The aerial style performance includes beautiful contortion takes place while spinning on the hoop.

Tech Requirements:

Space for a weighted hoop base and safety parameter. (4x4m footprint)

Yet again, thank you so much for your team doing a FANTASTIC job at our festival. Everyone without doubt LOVED it.


WE ARE with you every step of the way

If you are unsure what to book please reach out to us and we would be happy to talk about what would work best for you.

Some of our most commonly booked packages are a combination of performances and workshops. Organisers regularly book a stage show alongside walkabout performance and/or workshops. 

Walkabout performance (2 x 30 minutes)

Stage act (10 minutes)

Cabaret style circus acts (20 minutes)

Fire performance (2 x 15 minutes)

Our performers can brighten up your event with sets that range from… 

10-30 minutes

Solo or Duo Acts

Choreographed shows with multiple performers

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