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Here are the keys to your sparkly new hobby!

Now you can kickstart your juggling journey and learn to juggle in as little as 5 days. Watch this introduction to find out how to use our videos and materials provided below.

Introduction video


Learn the basics of juggling in 5 short sessions

Not everyone gets juggling on the first try – in fact, almost no one does! So don’t be disheartened if you find it a little tricky. The key is practice and consistency.

Our course is laid out in 5 days where you will learn the basics to build your skills up to a full cascade.

We break the movements down and focus on 5 main areas over the 5 videos

Lesson 1 - Mastering the throw

Lesson 2 - Breathing and rhythm & posture

Lesson 3 - two ball juggling

Lesson 4 - Three ball pattern

Lesson 5 - Three Ball Cascade

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